Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Another summer and fall have passed without camping. My friend, Kate's recent blog post makes me envious of that: http://theendlesspursuitblog.blogspot.com/

Her reflections on coddling herself also give me pause. I have so many luxuries and needless items. I may very well use them in shows and as inspirations and -- so very many legitimate excuses. Of course, you have to take care of yourself, but what does that really mean? It all depends who you are. I'm thankful that I have never fallen victim to having a 9-bottle face cleansing regiment, but I also don't have particularly skin. Where would having perfectly clear skin get me? Wasn't it better to use that $20 that week to buy someone else dinner or to pay down that loan just a bit?

In reality, I didn't nor have I ever had the money for a 9-bottle face cleansing regiment. And the month I used up my savings I didn't have anyone to go camping with and when I did, I no longer had the money.

This world is a strange place.

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Jim Moorehead-DeRose said...

I can relate. Last spring I had a panic attack when I realized I hadn't been camping in over six months. Hastily planned a weekend, solo trip to one of the So. CA peaks and was saved.