Monday, November 23, 2009

Friends and Benefits

This weekend- particularly Saturday night and Sunday- finally put a change on my negative energy of last week. I spent most of the week either in an office, staring at database information, or getting rid of headaches. I needed the weekend. Inevitably I ended up working Saturday and had to pick up food before then [so I set the alarm... again], but Saturday night was enjoyable. I arrived home from work and was tired after walking the three miles home (through Holiday tourists who are beginning to increase). I layed in Julie's room and whined for a bit and suggested some things to do which I had found online. Neither of us had the energy to rush right out and do anything [she was hungry. I was tired] so we continued to lay there. We called our friend, Ed to ask if it was tomorrow [Sunday] when we were supposed to cook together- it was. When Ed got home from work he hung out with us while he updated the script for work. I ran out and got ___, cheese and bread and Julie made Mac-N-Cheese for dinner. We had dinner and then spent quality time watching Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. The movie was adorable and just what I needed to get my mind off concrete things- like work and money. We then watched Transformers 2- which I had not seen- and that wasn't quite as relaxing, but fun to watch. By the time we went to bed it was quite late and I passed out very easily.

I wasn't going to set an alarm, but just before I went to sleep Isaac replied to an earlier text saying that he was going to church in the AM. I was planning on going, but once it approached 2A I had changed my mine, but if Isaac could do it- I could do it. And I did not regret my decision at all. Isaac and I grabbed some coffee and then headed off to one of the- if not thee- best church services I'd ever been to. Straight from the start there was music that MOVED me. The first song was done by the choir and in a bit of a response manner and eventually the congregation joined in. It moved from loud to soft and the central lyrics were:
"I hear music in the air
There must be a God somewhere"
...How very, very true.
There were two choirs and there were some of my favorite hymns sang in completely new ways. The Prayers of the Church were accompanied by a wooden flute. The sermon and benediction were so reassuring and truthful. I think the pastor said it best when she said, "Woo, Are we doing Church in here today!" Yes, yes we were. I was exhausted, moved and inspired. Sometimes you leave that place and all you want to do is tell every person on the street just how LOVED they are. After all, THAT, my friends, is what God is. God is a truer, more faithful LOVE than you can ever imagine. I don't think it matters what you believe, He Loves you and He wants you to have peace in your heart. However that is revealed to you is fine... just listen.

So after the service Isaac and I walked around a bit. We ventured to Union Square where there was beautiful art galore. It was a good thing I didn't have more cash with me or I would've walked home with lots of things I didn't know what to do with, haha. We then went into one of the most beautiful, but expensive home decorating stores I've ever been to. I left inspired to create and am looking forward to being home for Christmas... home with all my craft supplies! We then went to a flea marked on 23rd where I almost bought some masks and an incredibly large stein, but decided against it. It was probably for the best, but still unsure if I should have bought the masks. Afterwards I went home to clean my mess of a room [it showed the signs of the week before] and hang out with Julie. I meant to go hashing or to this event at the Armory, but instead I stayed home. I've been very tired lately and feel like I am always trying to sleep more. I wonder how much of this has to do with my not running.

Either way, I am thinking I might try and see a show tomorrow night. If I just stay in the midtown area after working at DS then perhaps I will actually go to something. It's been a little while since I've seen something. This might be because I'm a little discouraged by the theatre I've seen lately... it's been more theater [which is to me, the more manufactured spelling] than theatre. I, by no means, believe that theatre is dead [as I've heard some claim], but I am worried that the finances of New York have cut the legs out from underneath the Creation part... This is NOT to say there is no good theatre in NY-- there surely is. However, I am just finding more Off-Broadway than on. But, surely not everyone else agrees or else there would be no Broadway... or there would be, but it would change.

Note: Recently on-Broadway I have seen White Christmas and Ragtime. White Christmas had some spectacular dancing- which I definitely enjoyed, but the show itself is simply Christmas-y and has nice underlying themes, but is just that- nice. And nice is okay, but sometimes you want more and I am only discouraged by the lack of more that exists on Broadway. Ragtime had some nice voices and I understand the great morals of the show, but same thing- nice. Of course, I had more fun watching White Christmas, but that's just me. Some people LOVE Ragtime and that's okay. As Dale says: "That's why there are horse races"

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