Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cardboard Boxes Galore

Putting stuff in the attic for 'later' is similar to burying a time capsule. If you store such boxes, I recommend dating them for perspective.

My parents are redoing our kitchen. They've wanted to for years and the project is underway. We are laying new floor and installing all new cabinets and appliances. There will also be a wall torn down to result in a breakfast counter and a kitchen that doesn't feel so tiny. To store these appliances and cabinets pre-installing we needed to clean out our garage. In addition to this we needed to clear out most of our basement since some of the work will be done from beneath. This has resulted in an emptying of two of our main storage locations. Some of the boxes we have uncovered have been hidden in the back for longer than my mother would allow me to admit on my blog. As we go through boxes we have rediscovered a lot of toys (Christmas xs1000, every box). It's been difficult to get rid of some, but some just need to be kept for future children of one of the three of us. This exploring has also reminded me (once again) about the duplos in my attic. I knew there were a couple other boxes of my belongings in the attic so I decided I should go through these this weekend while my parents were gone and I had no other commitments.

Time Capsules galore...
I dated a couple of the "save for later" boxes and one has been stored for a decade. The strangest part about it was that it doesn't feel that long ago. In the boxes and boxes there were probably two sand dollars and one toy that I couldn't remember vividly. I am a little frustrated about the number of books that I own because I doubt I will have enough room for them anytime in the next 5-10 years, but I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read and reread so many of them (so many times).

Moral of the exploration... things may just be things, but they sure do carry a lot of stories and emotions with them.


ps. Emotional eating this week = a jar of peanut butter & a bag of chocolate chips... WW is working out as well as last summer.

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