Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Tired to Function

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Last week we decided to not have rehearsal on Monday, the 5th. The kids have been picking up the blocking rather quickly so we figured they could learn lines just as well at home as at rehearsal. I did some speedy searching and found a reasonably priced bus ticket from Pittsburgh and made some phone calls. A good family friend, Andy was nice enough to let me stay at his house on Friday night and then drop me off at the bus station at 6:35am the next morning. I rode 8 hours to New York, and inevitably met an interesting conversationalist. I had no intentions of talking; I was quite sleepy. However, she offered me apples and with such friendliness... I digress.

I was tired (and therefore a little cranky and prone to anxiety) for a percentage of the trip, but I can only hope that the wonderful company that I spent time focused more on the other time. Jessica and Lindsay, two friends from my Fall in New York were back in 305 and so I spent time with them on Sunday as we grilled out for the fourth. I had some amazing Thai food that Friday. I watched part of "Serenity," but then was too tired to finish it... which is disappointing because now I have to wait another 6 weeks to see the rest of the movie I had to wait 5 weeks to start...

Well, I have woken up before 6am four of the last five days. If you know me, you know this is ridiculous... especially because there was a run, but no nap today. So, to be brief:

This weekend was wonderful and I am incredibly happy that it worked out.

Approximately six more weeks until I stay for more than 2 days!

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