Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is one of my favorite New York's tourist attractions. Why? Because it's a bridge. People walk to "experience it" and they bring business to another area of the city, outside of Times Square. There are quite a few places to go out around the Bridge. I've worked in Dumbo before and enjoy that area of Brooklyn, but the Manhattan bars/restaurants had a stronger google presence the other day so we decided to try out The Seahorse's happy hour. People are often ask me for recommendations and finally, I have one. Unlike some of the other fantastic bars/restaurants in the area, Seahorse's Happy Hour is 4-7, 7 days a week. We arrive at 6:10 because of park-enjoying in Brooklyn, but even after the happy hour there are some $2-5 beers. 2 delicious appetizers, 3 drinks a piece, and a true happy hour soundtrack later, we were as content at could be and on our subway home... for kale chips, pseudo-dancing, and roof-sitting.

So, if you're in the Brooklyn Bridge area, I've heard Jeremy's is good, but I know the Sea Horse is bound to be enjoyable.

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