Saturday, October 17, 2009

My hike was canceled. It was a 14-peak hike in the Hudson River Valley. They canceled it because of bad weather. It was probably for the best. I took a nap this evening that I would have avoided so I could wake up tomorrow morning otherwise.

Today was an interesting day in the less fun kind of away. I am constantly reminded how great my friends are and how much I really need them.

Tonight Julie and I made spaghetti. I love sharing food with people.
Luke played us some amazingly beautiful music. Despite being slightly out-of-tune Luke convinced the piano to fill the room with sounds of love and belief in such. I am consistently amazed by the gifts which people have.

I am planning to go running tomorrow [since my hike is no more... pouts] and send good vibes to the Amherst girls who are racing at Conference tomorrow and to the Hope runners who are in Wisconsin this weekend.

I want to go camping.

[And then Chaos ensued. Oh, living in a house can be so interesting...]

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