Saturday, October 17, 2009

SWC Letter

I forgot to send my letter to Mr. Kemp before late last night so in case he does not see the email and/or one of the runners sees this before going to Conference in the morning... please print this and read it to the girls.

Please and Thank you.


It’s that time of year again… the leaves are changing, there’s a crispness in the air and your times are getting fast. I loved getting to know you all this summer. You are dedicated to this sport. You are dedicated to your girls.

It’s Saturday morning. Saturdays have been my favorite day since the Madison Invitational in 2002 (a long, long time ago). It is the one day that you have the opportunity to prove that you are brave-- To prove that you are strong enough to win every “Moment of Truth”. It is time to put those spikes to use, stay strong up the up-hills, let go and pass em on the downhills, and show the Conference what the Amherst Girls are really about. We are a tradition and I have faith in your abilities.

Every Saturday night/Sunday I wait impatiently to get that email from Mr. Kemp. I pull up the week before’s results and compare. Who made the move? Who got brave and went out, steayed out, and finished strong? You. I believe every one of you will be “that girl" this week. You have the ability;. You just have to want it.

My thoughts will be with you all tomorrow morning. I will probably put on my XC t-shirt and go for a run right around the same time as you… wishing I was with you to hear racing hearts and that starter's gun. It’s your time. You deserve this… never believe anything less.

All my love,

Sara G.

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