Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How are you?

Weeks ago I ordered ink 40/41. Eventually it arrived and my printer wouldn't accept it. Apparently it needed to be 40/41 fine ink... "the beauty's in the details".  I gave in and went to Best Buy were I paid $55 that I don't have for more ink.  I began printing and everything came out tilted, with an excess of blue ink in one column.  A few paper jams later I discovered a USB drive had dropped back where the printer paper sits and was handicapping the paper rollers. I removed the USB drive and printed the Fiscal Sponsorship Program Manual. I ran out of paper and began printing on the back of messed up magic sheets. Eventually I ran out of messed up Magic Sheets...

at that time I posted this blog thinking it was an accurate example of how my days go whenever I tried to get things done.

However, a few hours and confidence-boosting conversations later it occurred to me that perhaps I could print on legal paper. Surprisingly it worked and I have been utilizing paper from the 60-cent legal pads I found on sale the other day.

I suppose this is a better depiction of how my life is going.

On a different note: I have a lot of fabulous work, but I need a job.

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