Monday, January 31, 2011

If That's What You're Into

I can't remember if it was during high school or junior high and whether it was Eminem or Dashboard (probably Dashboard), but one day my sister came into our room and told me I couldn't expect to feel better if I was constantly listening to music that reinforced how I was feeling.   Explosions in the Sky, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, and Iron and Wine are some of my favorites to turn on when I need to zone and just breathe, but when I'm trying to zone out of the moping it doesn't have quite the results I need.   I have a couple of songs I typically use instead such as "I like Giants" or "Superstar". I ran one of my best college race with Matthew Santos's chorus on repeat in my head.  Sometimes you just need more positivity or hilarity in your music. Ie, today's funk was broken by my favorite Flight of the Conchords song. However, I'm overusing the same songs and I'm afraid I'm developing a slight immunity. I need recommendations. What are some of your favorite funk-breaking songs? 

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heather said...

whoo! I have a whole funk-busting playlist. It's long because I need it often and I don't want to get bored of it. Here it is.

viva la vida by coldplay

single ladies- how can you not dance to that? and dancing makes me happy

bill cosby comedy sketches, specifically, "chocolate cake for breakfast"

any old time by billie holiday

take five by dave brubeck

country roads by john denver

you raise me up by josh groban (cheesy, I know...)

more than a feeling by boston

somebody like you by keith urban

sweet caroline or coming to america by neil diamond

haven't met you yet by michael buble

in the summertime by mungo jerry. AWESOME!!! please listen to this one if you don't know it

kids songs: razzamatazzama by peter and ellen allard, shake your sillies out by raffi, captain vegetable by sesame street

cecilia by simon and garfunkle

come sail away or fooling yourself by styx

still haven't found what I'm looking for by U2

mamma mia by ABBA teens-- this newer pop-y version brings me out of the blues better

smoothie song by nickel creek

dancin' in the moonlight

I hope that gives you a few good ones! I'm always ready to help a soul-sister with funk busting.