Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Appreciative after Lent

A few reasons why this has been one of the best Tuesdays of the semester

I attended, stayed awake through, and was early to all three of my classes!
I woke up in time to have two bowls of cereal. Mmmmm.
There was good conversation in Religion.
I took a lovely Hope-ish picture of tulips.
Day 1 of the Philosophy of Life presentations inspired me and made me feel even closer to everyone than before
Sally fed us lunch in senior seminar so I actually ate lunch at a proper time!
I finally turned in two of the journal entries that were super late
Showering just makes you feel better about the world sometimes.
We received a weird post card in the mail.
I turned in the theater keys and got my $20 back.
I remembered to pick up my cap & gown and run errands that have been a week overdue.
I went on a great (possibly 12 mile?) bike ride with Amy and didn't fall over or run into anyone
A man training for a marathon complimented my running shoes on that bike ride
Amy and I played on a playground and had a GREAT time! So much fun!
Dinner was unhealthy, but free at the "Senior Celebration"
We ate ice cream.
I laughed with my fabulous housemates.
Schaedig called and there's lots of wonderful excitement involving her evening!
I went to the library and was productive.
I had a great conversation with an awesome librarian who let me TAKE OUT A REFERENCE BOOK! Crazy! That NEVER happens!!!

To sum it up there was just lots of joy and laughing and you can't go wrong with well shared happiness.

Thanks Be to God(?)!

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