Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crepes, puddles, fake sun, and Andy Griffith

Do you ever feel like you are radiating? It is as if you are like the sun except that your internal explosions are even better than nuclear fusion. I haven't been writing as often lately. I do a lot of reflecting for my senior seminar, but in actual reality I don't take the time to write any of it down. I wish there was a way to simply save all that I was thinking then for later, but my loud mind will just keeping pushing new [or repeated] thoughts to the front of the line.

Kenzie and I went puddle-jumping this afternoon for almost forty minutes. Amy and I made crepes [my first time!] this morning. Sure, there is a lot to do. Yes, it's my last week of classes, but I find it best for me to just continue on "as normal". Normal meaning spending as much time doing wonderful things with fabulous people as possible. Jackie and I will hang out in a little bit and then I will spend the rest of the night [minus the meeting(s)] completing all of those to-do lists.

One thing I really enjoy about Holland is how beautiful it is! There are plenty of beautiful towns around the US and around the world, but I've become particularly fond of this one. I have now gone on two quality [8-12 mile] bike rides in the past week and I have been overwhelmed with the amount of beauty I have encountered. It even feels differently than when I run similar routes. I have two weeks left in this town and there are a couple things I would really like to do before leaving:

Visit tunnel park
Spend more time outside
Run at the place with the funky trees
Go to the beach and The Bowl [if it ever gets warm enough]
Find more exciting things to see on our road trip immediately following graduation. [Here's some information I found on Idaho]
Okay, well... it's a list in progress

I feel sort of obligated to get nostalgic these days. I know that pictures rarely show the yuckier parts of life, but even with those less favorable parts, my life has been pretty wonderful for the past three, three and a half years.
I have my phone set so the news comes up on the main screen. Every time I go to check the time I get the headlines. I have never been so in tune with every tornado, tax reform, or Islamic concern about South Park. If nothing else, I am just reminded daily that loss is inevitable, but there is always beauty too... The Ying and the Yang... Apollo and Dionysos. There is balance and it is infinite.

There are friends to find and people to love. Now I must do my best to live in the active presence and fight the battle against (all kinds of) loneliness.

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