Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waking in Context

I went to the DOW to work out this evening. Goodness! It felt wonderful. I don't know why I don't go more often; I typically feel so good when I leave. Running and biking have about the same 'good feelings' attached, but lifting makes my whole body feel like it matters.

Today I was biking on the bikes on the side, the ones with the screen that makes it feel more like a video game than a workout. I was on my second cycle and sweating profusely when a 8-11 y/o came in with his college-student mentor [I'm assuming]. They biked next to me for awhile and afterward, when they were wiping down the bikes the college student [who had a deep voice as is] began singing with the song being played overhead. The woman singing was a few octaves above his every day speech, but it was all in good fun. The boy rolled his eyes and had a look that more than suggested that he would rather his mentor not sing. I smiled at them. The singer asked the kid, "what? Am I embarrassing you?" and the kid immediately responded "yes" with a bit good-natured pleading in his voice.

As they went downstairs I found myself smiling. I think I understand why it's often okay to embarrass your kids. It shows them that it doesn't matter; Anyone cool would know his singing was awesome. There's really no need to be embarrassed. Embrace every ridiculous moment. Sure, it's okay to be boring, but a lot less fun.

For the most part I have done a relatively good job of remembering this in the past couple of years, but it takes constant reminders. This was also a great moment because I realized that one of the reasons I am able to appreciate my parents much more now than- say... 10 years ago, is that I get it now. I understand that there is value in doing what makes your heart happy and that talking to people is important. A smile goes a long way and laughter takes away a lot of loneliness.

Yeah, my parents are pretty awesome...
That's obvious without even talking about last weekend's party and their great ushering.

ps. I get to see Schaedig tomorrow for the first time since winter 08 and I am ridiculously excited!!!

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