Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tshirts like sweatshirts.

Today I went on a run at Mill Hollow and was reminded of a few things that I may not have forgotten, but were put into practice today:

Runners don't take off their shirts just because it was hot. We also take them off so we have something to wipe away the sweat from our eyes with between intervals. Now-a-days I keep my shirt on and thus go through at least two shirts each run/stretching/drive home. [It's a good thing I've only been running once a week lately, haha. I don't sweat as much while biking so it's less laundry].

Humidity makes it more difficult to breathe. Deal.

Good stretching saves legs.

Don't give into your cravings right away. Four(ish) cookies worth of raw cookie dough as soon as you come home may or may not be a terrible idea. This is especially true when your stomach is out of season. Plus the running seems a little bit silly when you eat twice as many calories right away, but don't replenish much of the real nutrients. Drink milk.

Running makes showers 10,000xs better than usual.

I am looking forward to having someone to run with and keep me motivated, but I am dreading feeling even more out of shape than I already do *dramatic sigh*

In less related news, I love (and am currently listening to) Hall & Oates song "Sara Smile". It's my favourite Sara song.

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