Friday, June 4, 2010

Vicarious planning and indoor planting

I have spent far too much time on backstagejobs, random NY theater and museum sites, idealist, and Craig's List this evening. I know I won't apply for 99% of the jobs and I have no reason to be looking at apartments this early, but it's difficult not to browse :) I can't seem to get totally organized in my current room because there's a part of me that feels so incredibly in-transition. I know when work starts the world will begin to move with a much greater fervor, but in the mean time I spend half the day on my to-do list and half the day dreaming.

In other news, I have decided I would like to have a windowsill garden when I move. I acknowledge that any sort of regular activity like a book club may not be a realistic goal, but I think that a windowsill garden is doable. Container planting is a feasible option, but do I do flowers or vegetables? Either way there's always the risk for fruit flies and anyone who has lived with me knows how I DETEST fruit flies... but I suppose if things are taken care of I should be okay, right? And, if worse comes to worst and the fruit flies show up, I get rid of the plant... be it fruit, vegetable, or flower. It'll probably be herbs of some sort... who doesn't love a little fresh rosemary?

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