Monday, June 14, 2010

Wants, not needs

When I lived in Holland, MI this past semester my fabulous roommate had a poster of the world and it hung right next to my bed. When I move to New York I think I'll leave most of my posters and such things at home, but once I arrive I intend on ordering a world map. My geography has improved, but is still seriously lacking. I need to look at a map every day.

I would also like to invest in a bicycle [and a handy lock to go with it]. I have been looking at fold-up bikes so I could bike part of the way and taking public transportation without having to leave my bike behind, but there is still plenty of research to do.

And these shoes:

Barefoot running may be a phase, but it's one that interests me. I have been a barefoot kid for an extensive amount of time and throughout high school had attempted to run barefoot as much as possible. In an attempt to achieve the feeling I invested in extremely light weight shoes that were incredibly flexible (as my coach suggested). Yet, my balance is not particularly good and I have the problem of heel striking. A good personal trainer friend of mine did some research on these shoes and while eavesdropping on her practicing her presentation I began to have more faith in the Five Fingers.

I definitely intend to wait on the map until I get to the city so as not to ship it, but we'll see about the other two.

In other news I had work at 7:45 this morning and 8:15 tomorrow and yet, 1:30 I'm still awake. I just get excited about life around this time of night.

Goodnight <3

**Added the next day:
I would also like to add a hammock to the list of "things I've wanted for awhile," but it won't be a recent future priority... just always on the list.

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heather said...

I have lots of friends who swear by the five fingers. The type of friends who run marathons and Ragnar Relays in them. They say things like, "All pain is gone" and "I could run forever." And yet, I still feel slightly skeptical. Let me know what you think when you try them.