Saturday, August 21, 2010

Comfortable bed and restless body

Sometimes I call myself an amazing sleeper, but really, I'm just a good napper**.
Last night I attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour (midnight) in hopes of waking up at a reasonable hour (8 or 9) to go running. Instead I laid down and tossed and turned at every noise*** outside: the kids singing playground songs about boyfriends outside my window, the people loudly rustling through trash bins searching for cans and bottles to cash in, the giant trucks speeding down the street, the various types of loud music whose sources remains unknown, ect. ect. Eventually I got out of bed and began looking at idealist for jobs. I have two jobs, but I am still hoping to figure out what I want by reading every job description ever written... I'm on my way.

After a small search my phone rang. It was Jenkins, Jeni and Mike! I had asked Jenkins if they could call me when they got home that night and they did. It was so wonderful to hear their voices! I really miss them. I had already been missing them, but somehow when you hear people's voices and they're being their regular entertaining selves, your heart does this extra little yearning thing that reminds you why your life is so amazing.

After talking with them for awhile I thought I'd try to sleep again, but received an additional, but much shorter, phone call and a couple of texts. If there'd been any hope of falling asleep I would have simply ignored them, but since I continued to feel years away from sleep, I communicated with the outside world and eventually fell asleep a few hours after I had started.
Don't get me wrong, it's not always this difficult, but work is from 12:30ish-probably11ish tonight so I would've liked to be energized...

However, this morning I woke up to the wonderful discovery of the coffee pot in the fridge! Lindsay had requested Cameron put the leftover coffee in the fridge to make iced coffee, but I had forgotten this and there it was! I bought "lite" chocolate sauce the other day at Target so coffee+ice+milk+chocolatesauce+magic bullet... delicious and a bit energizing!

**This does not include when I am training regularly. During this time I'm a good napper and a pretty good sleeper too.
***It's always noisy, but it takes time to train yourself to ignore the ferocious-sounding barking of the dog next door, the sirens, the car alarms, and every thing else one could imagine.

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