Friday, March 18, 2011

sunshine and meh

I ate lunch today on my fire escape. Fabulous! The sunshine, the light breeze... the world feels beautiful. I had intended to picnic down near the theatre, but I got too hungry so I decided to eat uptown.  I was going to go down to the river, but I was too tired from my run to walk down and find a spot, so I just stepped out my window instead.  We have trees.

I've also decided that people who smoke pot around areas typically used for exercise infuriate me.  I only ran 4 miles today and over half of it I was surrounded by the smell of pot.  In general I usually take the "your body, your choice" perspective, but when you're smoking on a path where people are running, biking, walking, etc. you are affecting their bodies.  Sinuses discourage steady breathing, which discourages steady running.  To irritate those sinuses even more is cruel.

I cannot wait for my sister to be here tomorrow!  I need sister time. 

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