Monday, March 28, 2011

futuring's travel arrangments

Count Down!

1 day: Spur-of-the-moment trip to DC! Yay for escapes!
5 days: Cast Party
3 days and 3 weeks: Florida for my Uncle's wedding
2 days and 5 weeks: Ohio to pick up my car to drive to Michigan to pick up Jackie to drive to the other side of the state to celebrate Love, also known as... Amy & Nick getting marrieeeed!
5 days and 22 weeks: Anna Jo & Jeff's wedding, which means lots of family and dancing and silliness and, you know, general happiness.

College kids are posting spring break pictures.  I don't bother to look at most of them, but the track ones pull on special heart strings. Oh, I miss that world!  This past week all I wanted to do was run a speedy steeple chase race.  I might not be in speedy shape, but there's no steeple pit for me even if I were still lean.  During college I didn't realize it, but I planned/participated in some incredibly college-y spring breaks.  None of them were particularly alcohol-driven, but every other characteristic was there.  I think I didn't fully acknowledge how awesome and adventurous they were because I was lucky and they were on the cheap.   My freshman and sophomore years I went to Florida, South Carolina, Georgia with the track team.  My freshman year I even went to Disney World 
and that was the only major cost. My junior year I was abroad and got to visit Paris, followed by Rennes where Amy was. And my senior year I flew to Texas and spent time in Austin, Georgetown, and Houston drinking a little, followed by warm fuzzies, wine & PB&J, followed by kayaking with my brother, followed by time with one of the most reliable friends in my life, followed by more brother time. It was pretty much perfect.

I miss spring break.

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