Friday, May 22, 2009

Theatre Memories

My high school theatre director filled this out on facebook. I feel like filling it out as well. While I try to minimize the amount of "quizzes" I do on this blog, it is more like a series of questions I would like to track the answers of, then the usual type...

1. What was the first show you ever did?
In Kindergarten I was part of the Christmas Play at Catawba. I was an angel and kept her arms up the whole time because she thought that would look better. My arms are the funniest thing to watch as they droop as I get tired or when I try to quickly return them to position after wiping my nose on my sleeve. I'm a truly classy angel.

I also sang as part of my first trio, with David and Lindsey "Let There Be Peace On Earth" in that play :) It was a big deal.

My first play that I thought of as a play though was "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots" my freshman year of high school. I was Mazerella.

2) What was your most recent show?
Does "Underneath" the play that we wrote in London and did a rehearsed reading of count?

3) What was your favorite show/role?
My favorite show that I was a part of was, without a doubt Rose and the Rime... the first time was probably my favorite, but the whole process is what makes it close to my heart.
My favorite acting part was when I was... well, I forget my name, hahaha, but it was a murder mystery improv dessert theatre... yeah, imagine...
Plus I was female dressing like a male to get more acting jobs.

4) What was your most challenging show/role?
Perhaps Stacks of Wax... dealing with the fact that I truly did not know what I was doing.

5) What is the most bizarre show or role you've ever done?
It's not truly bizarre, but the closest I can think of would be being one of Potiphar's girls during SST... just bizarre because I hate wigs.

6) Has anyone ever written a show for you?
No, but I wrote a show with a group of amazing people :)

7) Have you ever quit a show to accept a better one?

8) Have you ever completely blown character on stage?
Probably, but it's been a long time since I've acted on stage so I don't remember exactly

9) What show(s) are you just dying to do?
My dream acting role used to be Eliza in Pygmalion, but as Marina pointed out... "Why? You're not British..." And well, I guess that's what it was a dream.
I would love to finish lighting Metamorphoses some day
My dream venue is The Royal Court. I don't care what show, just let me do something with it :)

10) Have you ever done one of your "dream" shows?
...before I realized they were my dream shows I guess...

11) Who was your favorite director?

12) Who was your least favorite director?

13) What is the most surprising role you have ever been offered?

14) Have you ever injured yourself onstage or offstage?
Not really, but as a director I once had over half my cast injured in one week (show week)... oh, Curse of Wolvesmede...

15) What show(s) have you done multiple times?
Rose and the Rime in Holland, Michigan, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in Washington D.C.
16) Have you ever had an onstage kiss?
For my final this past semester, yes

17) What was your scariest moment in a show?
My freshman year of high school I was not terribly excited to attempt to tango on stage... let's not talk about it, hahah

18) What is your best show memory?
The workshops before Rose and the Rime, when we were an even bigger group, but felt honest none-the-less

19) What is your worst show memory?
Every time I've cried at rehearsals, hahah

20) What is your saddest show memory?
Val said it well... "Watching a beautiful set get struck! Saying goodbye to cast and crew you have spent every moment with for weeks, and sometimes never seeing them again."

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