Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Goodness it has been a long time, hasn't it? Over a month? Incredidble.
And, incredible that month has been! I left England, went to Greece, stopped in Bulgaria, essentially lived in the Czech Republic and came back to London. Then I flew into Cinci, transferred to Cleveland, washed some clothes and then flew into New York, where I am now. In 2 days I will jump back onto a plane and return to Ohio until I-- just kidding, in Ohio I will stay until September. Of course, I might make the occassional trip outside the state to Chicago or something of the sort, but in overall, Ohio it will be. I will be stage managing for a community theatre and hopefully working another job to make money. I am currently in the process of finding that job. If you have any leads, point me to them. I'll take just about (just about) anything that pays. I'm not terribly picky because I have lots to look forward to and even more to smile back upon.

But, if I am in New York, why I am blogging? Why am I not out "experiencing" the city. Well, to be honest, I am tired. Perhaps it's the result of sitting in tech for the last five or so hours, or perhaps I'm just still jet-lagged, but either way, I'd like a nap. I tried my hardest to avoid being jet-legged (is it lagged or legged? Perhaps both...), but as it did it London, it usually manages to hit you sooner or later. I arrived home on Friday at 12:45 a.m. (Czech time), but managed to stay up until amost midnight est (almost 7A Czech time)... that's another 6 hours! The next day I did about the same thing, but goodness was I tired while sitting in the airport! I thought I might be able to fall asleep on the plane (despite not being able to sleep on the 9 hour plane ride across the ocean) since I couldn't sleep in the airport, but all the same, I made a friend and we talked most of the way to New York. It turned out he studies film as CSU and we share a couple of mutual friends. He told me some great traveling-across-the-country stories that sounded pretty similar to On the Road, the great Jack Kerouac novel I have been reading for awhile now. Having recently picked it back up given all the flying I've been doing (this past Wednesday, Friday and Monday) it was great to hear of his adventures.

And I have continued to meet some nice people. Last night, after sitting in my dorm trying to not freak out (unsuccessfully) about today's interview, I decided I needed to leave the 503 and ventured down the street for a pizza. I struck up conversation with a guy in line and after ordering he sat down with me. We ate our pizzas together until he had to catch a bus to head back to Canada. As it turned out he moved from London, where he has lived all his life, to Canada to do an internship with the Canadian speaker, or something governmental of that sort. Sadly he will be leaving Canada right around the time I will be returning to NY so we neglected to exchange information. However he did say he'd see me in Chelsea (London) when he gets his house there, haha. It'd be nice. He was a decent conversationalist. Plus, I'd love to return to London. I understand that it doesn't have the same appeal when you are from there, but all the same... I mean, I just received an email from studentuniverse for a flight from Cleveland to London for less than $400. If that isn't temptation, I don't know what is! I have $400. Of course that isn't actually my money, but rather money loaned to me, but it's in my checkbook and goodness, how I love London!

This morning I also meant a nice guy named Alex who instigated small talk as this lovely restaurant near 4th street, where my interview was. I arrived exactly an hour early so I figured I'd find a place to get coffee. I sat at the bar a seat or so down and we talked about the weather and our plans for the day. It was his birthday, but I think he also had an interview or perhaps some meeting at 11:00 a.m. Hopefully, his went as well as mine did.

I have never been quite as excited for the fall as I am now. One might say it's being in New York that makes it seem more real, but Sunday and Monday I was in New York, and I was a bit numb to it all. After a certain amount of traveling, you lose the thrill. Something about "seeing the sites!" or "being in the city!" just seems trivial. It is not that you don't enjoy where you are or where you are going, but rather it invokes a different emotion. Today, however, I am excited to think about spending a couple months, and perhaps more time later in the following year, in New York. I will be doing an internship with a designer who knows things. His work looks great and from talking to the people that work with him, he's serious in the most dedicated of ways, but when work time is done, it is done. I think... and even more so, hope... we will get on well. September will tell. I am hoping to accumulate more lighting knowledge before then, as my fear of incompetence was what was making me nervous. I mean, I can only call Pat so many times. After today's meeting I am not quite as afraid. I think keeping my adventerous, wanting-to-learn self out there will result in a good experience.

In the mean time, back to Ohio I go, searching for adventure and good experiences, in other worlds.

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