Sunday, May 24, 2009

You know..

I am currently in the process of posting more pictures on facebook so I am looking through some of my notebooks to try and find where I jotted down what the pictures are of. So far I haven't found much so I think I will just post them and let people guess what they are looking at. I did find lots of random thoughts I wrote down. I don't remember why some of these are written down, but all the same...

"Girls in high heels move less, but strut more.
When they think someone is cute and have alcohol in their systems, they hang over counters to talk"

Nervous habits of people nearby:
Woman- thumb tip in mouth... when realizes it stops and laughs at the next thing said

For my interview I was at a rehearsal for a show. I just realized the director was this guy:
I just thought he was awesome. I had no idea he was incredibly awesome.
It's an expensive show too, hahaha.

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