Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Present's Great, but look at this future!

A few countdowns:

3:15 until my last final of my Undergraduate Career
4 years today since prom
3 Days until my family is in Holland!
4 Days until I graduate
5 Days until we have to FULLY clean this house [ikes]
5 Days until I have to say Goodbye to my amazing roommate :(
6 Days until Jackie, Faith, Amy and I start our driving
6 Days until I see SCHAE-SCHAE!!
7 Days until we're in WY, seeing where Faith is going to spend the next few years!
8 Days until Jackie and I leave Amy and Faith :(
9 Days until Jackie and I reach Seattle!
13 Days until I have to leave Jackie in that exciting city!
13 Days until Austin :)
17 Days until my sister graduates/ I get to see my family again in Chicago!
18 Days until I am back in Ohio for the first time in 4 months
1.5 Months until the summer excitement truly begins
4 [or so- ish] Months until I move again

1 comment:

Meghan said...

What an exciting life you live girl. Let's not talk goodbyes until 5 days from now though. I love you my dear roommie... What will I do at 4am when I need someone to talk at, I mean with me? ;) xoxo