Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Skitos, the worst part of summer

So I don't think it looks quite as delicious as it reads, but I'm in the mood to make something with rosemary.

I'm a bit behind on these blog posts. From the morning of the 9th until the night of the 23rd I was without a computer and the keyboard of my phone is just not enough for the sorts of stories I like to tell. I've been back in Ohio since the 23rd, but just getting loose ends tied up so I haven't been blogging. For the past couple of days I have been thinking about it a lot, but usually by the time I'm done thinking I either need to go do something or want to take a nap because I get to missing certain people and places and when that happens I either eat or sleep.

Today I got in trouble for eating cookie dough. My mother bought frozen cookie dough and so when I get a chocolate craving I either make chocolate milk or sneak some cookie dough. I made cookies today in hopes that she would think most of the cookie dough went to the cookies I made and not to my love for raw cookie dough. Earlier this evening we had been sitting on the back porch (or on chairs in the grass next to the porch because my dad had just stained the porch again) and some how the cookie dough came up and based on my wearing my emotions on my sleeves [yea, both of them] she asked if I had been eating the cookie dough and then went on a lecture about it containing raw eggs and not being good for me and not even having protein on it. Hold on! It has raw eggs... eggs have protein! This, of course, made her more frustrated... I don't see why... I'm on my own health insurance now (Well, sort of still waiting to be approved, but stil...). Perhaps I'll have to wait until September when I'm not living at home.

September is the plan. As long as I make a reasonable amount of money this summer I will move to New York in the end of August/start of September. So, if you or someone you know is looking for a new/additional roommate and your housing is reasonably priced, keep me in mind/in the know.

So sleepy. Why do I keep staying up til 2?


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