Friday, October 8, 2010

Divided, but closer to exhale

Locks of love requires 10+ inches of hair to donate it. So, when I realized I only had 9 inches to donate I became worried, but a hairdresser at the salon said she knew of a place, Hair That Cares, which only required 8 inches. So, after, at least, ten years of wanting to- I finally donated my hair! Woo!

I like my hair cut. It's cute. However, I also miss putting my hair up. I'm reading for it to be at least long enough for that again.

My favorite woman at The Daily Soup (241 West 54th Street, NY, NY) said she was also going to get a hair cut soon because "it changed her air". I know what she means.

Julia, the Ukrainian who cut my hair and I had a talk about all the changes in our lives and the release and changes that come with the cutting of one's hair. Sometimes when a certain amount seems to go wrong you just need to make a change. So, I did. Julia was a student at Prive and needed a 'hair model' for a bob [or a longer bob as I opted for]. Apparently a bob is the hardest haircut to do. It took an EXTENSIVE amount of time, but for half the price, at this salon attached to the SoHo Grand Hotel, I got a haircut with some detail. And! It was another great learning experience. I have had hair cuts by students quite a few times and every time I learn a little bit more about my hair and the way it all works.

On my way home from my haircut I received a response to an email I had sent earlier that day. I had an interview! It was for today and it went really well! I left knowing the director had a few other people to interview, but by mid-afternoon I had received a phone call, the job was mine. It's only a week long gig, but it's something and sometimes all you really need is something.

More to talk about, but time to leave work. To be continued...

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