Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drips into your heart through a pinhole

I almost typed hearth.
I should go to bed. I might be getting sick. I'm stressing about nothing.

I was going to write a post about friends, but here's a summary instead:
New good friends can be hard to find. I'm okay with this. I knew this before relocating myself and I'm happy with the people I have in my life. But, when it comes down to it I miss my friends who are so far away. I like them a lot and I miss my 2am friends an extra lot. I had the best housemates my final semester of college. I knew it then and now. I hope other people have friends like these. They let me just be or they let me babble... and not even just let, they were real friends and I didn't have to worry about what they thought. They told me, in an a way that was caring and honest. I miss them.

I'm just tired and needy. I need cuddling and free, judgeless talking.

I miss summer.

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