Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review [2010]

2010 began with an intentionally relaxing recap night at home.  I had spent 2009 divided between Europe, Ohio, and New York. I had had an amazing year that I didn't believe could be topped. I stayed in that night because some part of me must have known what lied ahead: another fabulous, event-filled year. And, to think, my adult life is just beginning...

Note: Yearly recaps are one of my favorite traditions. I have always typed my year in reviews in one big long chunk because nothing is more important than anything else and this is how I lived it... all mushed together. There are some things included that may seem insignificant and some significant things left out, it's just how it ended up. It's typed in one sitting and details are very intentionally left out.

On the first day of the new year my parents, my brother, and I went down to Florida to spend some time with my Grandpa Kenny, Uncle Dick and his (now) fiancee, Judy.  While I was there I spent time on the telephone with Jeri as we tried to cement plans for our upcoming show that spring.  The family played uno with my Grandpa who, with his jokes, proved to us he was still with it.  I hung out with my cousin and her two boys who played hot cross buns on saxophone and trombone for us.  I went to the ocean with my family. I saw alligators. I went back to Hope after two semesters away and moved in with five wonderful women who would prove to be some of the best housemates I could ask for.  Jeri and I auditioned actors for our show. I went to classes, but had a hard time remembering how to be a good student.  I continued working for the Performing Arts Techncial Staff.  I assistant lighting designed Much Ado about Nothing.  I ran sometimes.  I went to stein nights. After 3 1/2 years of undergrad, I kissed a boy in Michigan. I stayed up late at night talking to my fabulous roommate about boys and politics. I stayed in contact with boys I probably shouldn't have and a couple that I'm glad I did.  I saw Iron and Wine in concert.  Meghan and I yelled things to Jackie in the next room and I realized I didn't ever want to leave. My Grandpa Kenny passed away. I had difficulty coping. I overslept classes.  I went to meetings for shows.  I dealt with anxiety.  I went to my Grandpa Kenny's funeral. The police had to come tell us (my extended family) to quiet it down three times because we know how to celebrate life.  I laughed and cried and was reminded of how great my family is. I visited my other friend Jackie at EMU on my way home. My roommate bought Thor and we attempted to doggy-proof our house.  I skipped senior seminar to take care of Thor so he didn't get stuck in the bathroom.   I went running with Thor and realized why people love having dogs. I stayed up late working on Principles of Design projects.  I applied to post-college jobs.  I hung lighting instruments in Dewitt.  I continued to oversleep management.   I made commentary throughout my religion class. I appreciated the benefits of caffeine. I went back to counseling.  I spent a lot of time in the theatre and was grateful for it.  I read wonderful books in my senior seminar and continued to question my purpose. My sister came to see "Much Ado" and finally got to see Holland, Michigan.  I ran with Andi and Jackie and Meghan and Amy and various other friends throughout the semester.  I went to Texas on spring break. I flew out of Chicago and spent the night with my wonderful sister and her fiance.  I went to Austin, Texas for the first time and loved it. I made a fabulous new friend and saw the turtle pond. I learned kings should never be played with wine.  I fell in love with a restaurant called Mother's and their vegan chocolate cake.  I visited Southwestern and got to spend time outside in a beautiful, although cooler than I imagined, March. I stargazed and ate oatmeal with dinosaur eggs.  I wanted to stay up late and didn't really want to leave. I drove half-way to Houston and realized I could listen to "The Ring of Fire" without being sad. I went to Houston and spent a great couple of days with my brother and two of my best childhood friends.  I made phone calls to people I usually saw daily because we were all having fabulous spring breaks.  I saw 39 Steps at The Alley with my brother.  I went running.  I attended my first Crawfish Boil and felt sick due to the smell it left on my hands, but enjoyed the spicy-ish corn on the cob.  My brother took me kayaking and thrifting.  We had breakfast tacos and I left my favorite gray jacket in Texas.  I hung the non-plot for Behind the Uniform.  I went to the Junction and ate ice cream. I drove my car with the top off.  Minus a boy we had a fabulous time for Jackie's birthday. I was reminded of the importance of friends.  I had the best master electrician and light board op ever for Behind the Uniform.  My parents came up to see Behind the Uniform, ushered, and then helped to host the cast party.  I have the best parents.  I drank wine on my front steps.  I applied for jobs. I appreciated my Senior Seminar class and wished I had known these people existed with these stories my freshman year.  My house threw a party.  People came and it felt a bit like a reunion.  I needed a new cell phone.  We forecasted our futures.  Schaedig visited Michigan; I drove out to see her and we laughed a lot.  I presented my life view paper in senior seminar and was grateful for a supportive environment.  Amy helped me relearn how to ride a bike. Weeks later I went on an 8 mile bike ride by myself.  It was peaceful. Amy and I made crepes. Kenzie and I went puddle jumping throughout Holland. I spent hours on the phone with a boy who made my heart pitter-patter.  I continued working.  I stared at Meghan's map of the world on our wall.  I spent numerous nights standing on the corner of 13th and College having solid conversations with Jeri. I participated in May Day and didn't deal well with keg competition.  I took a nap in the living room. I loved the Kletz's pizza rolls. I ate too much cereal.  I went to LJs. I caught up with friends.  I took finals. I tried to support friends' endeavors.  I sent a homemade envelope with silly birthday surprises.  I went to martini night. I visited Timmer Cottage. I listened to Peter Gabriel beneath a tree in our front yard with Amy. I graduated. My family came and supported me.  My roommate moved to India.  I barely said goodbye because I didn't want to cry.  We cleaned our house and got on the road. Jackie, Faith, Amy and I drove half way across the country. We visited Amy's sister in Des Moines.  Jackie and I spent the night at Schae's in Nebraska.  Jackie and I continued the rest of the way and went to Colorado because snow kept us from Wyoming.  Paul treated us to dinner and we enjoyed good company.  We went to second hand bookstores and visited my amazing Aunt Janice in Boulder.  We slept on her floor and drove to Utah where they served decaf coffee.  We spent all day in a toasty car. I fell asleep a lot. We slept as soon as we arrived in Seattle.  I hated sinus headaches. We went to a street festival in Wallingford.  We visited a park, could see the whole city and I understood why Jackie moved there.  We went grocery shopping and moved Jackie in.  Jackie and I went to a cheese festival with Lindsay and her crazy, fabulous Aunt Regina and Cheese Wiz friend.  We had a delicious dinner. I went to the Seattle library and a coffee tasting. Jackie and I ate Chipotle on the pier. I flew to Austin for the second time that year.  I ate more delicious food than I probably should've.  We went bowling and I didn't suck as badly as usual.  We had dinner at Georgetown BBQ. I played my first game of beer pong. I watched Firefly and discovered a new appreciation for Joss.  I was and am terrible at billiards.  I appreciated $5 pitches. We went grocery shopping. I failed at crepe making sans Amy because I was too tired to focus. I went to the Sig House and was envious of their staircase.  I met quality people. I stayed up late. I almost missed my flight, but returned to Chicago to celebrate my sister's graduation.  Jeff asked my parents if he could marry my sister.  They said yes. I thought that was a good answer.  I shopped for health insurance and understood why this industry needs a serious revamp.  I applied to a zillion places for work in addition to SST. I ran. I spent time with Ohio friends. I worked at the Walleye Festival. I appreciated the glory of skype.  I went to church street semi-often and appreciated the friendship of Mike, Jeni, Evan, Tim, and Jenkins. I went running with Tealla, Alyssa, and Jessica. I helped my Grandparents move into assisted living.  I made delicious low-fat food for my mom who, by fall met her goal weight on Weight Watchers. I worked at LCCC for two weeks.  I drove to Chicago for a picnic. Jeff proposed to my sister. We celebrated at Guthrie's.  I was the associate producer for Sunshine and Apprentices and loved it. I got July 4th Monday off and took a spur of a moment trip to New York City to see my (then) boyfriend. I hadn't really used that word so it's strange to type it now. I met interesting people on the Megabus. I ate amazing food in a sweaty New York and was glad to be dating a boy who knows how to grill deliciously.  I went home exhausted, but more than content.  I returned to the wonderful world of summer theater and walked with the kids in the Jamboree parade. Kids colored me pictures and signs at rehearsals. I searched for a New York apartment with Lindsay and Cameron. I over-sent them links to a million places, half of which probably didn't exist. I tye-died my paint pants.  I went running. I helped clean the basement. I saw Oberlin's Our Town with Lizzy.  I went wedding dress shopping with Anna Jo and almost missed the first dress due to a job phone call from New York.  My sister bought her wedding dress!  I saw SST's production of Children of Eden. I spent a fair amount of time on the phone and on skype with friends and boy. Distance is tiring.  I went out to dinner a lot with my parents as our kitchen was being redone. My kids put on great productions of Cinderella's Glass Slipper and School House Rock Live Jr.  Jeni and Mike got engaged. I hung out with Aaron. I moved to New York City. My dad drove me and helped me move in.  I went on a picnic.  I tried too hard. I drank wine on the Hudson River with friends. I fell asleep on someone else's bathroom floor with them.  Work 7 days/week exhausted me. I tried to remain tolerant and understanding. I saw shows as part of the festival I was working. I was underpaid, but employed.  I rode the bus to see more of the city. It rained. A boy broke my heart. I cuddled with a boy from Ireland visiting my place; I didn't feel better. I went to a piano bar with Bry.  I went to happy hour.  I went to the library. I had no desire to help with costumes. I pretended to know how to measure a guy for a suit. I worked in an office of negativity. I ran. It rained. I had difficulty sleeping. I was reminded why I love the Hudson River. I bought a bike. I saw the Brooklyn Harmonic. My bike had a flat tire. I wasn't allowed to take the bike into the building where I worked. I continuously applied for more jobs.  I went to a Moth story telling event.  I bought books.  I spent small bits of time with friends. I cut my hair short; I needed to let go. I put in my 3 weeks and felt relieved.  I had meetings with connections and kept being reminded that I just need to know what I wanted.  I avoided real dates at the last minute, chickening out.  Someone stole my bike. I returned my helmet.  Joe came to visit me. We went kayaking in the Hudson. I couldn't have asked for a better-timed fun-filled visit. Julie visisted. We went to blockheads with old friends and made new (Southwestern) friends. We saw Middletown at the Vineyard. I designed/operated the light board for a series of scenes. I slept in. I went to Columbia to see some graduate school one acts with Amanda. I was reminded of how time and space can improve a show.  I bought a flight to Nebraska for my best friend's February wedding.  I took a Megabus to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity. I went to "My Brother's Place".  I went to the Natural History Museum. I visited with Lizzy. I watched an Oregon Duck's football game. I tied for 3rd place in a costume contest as Peter Pan.  I went to karaoke with friends. I saw the movie "Wasteland" with a new friend.  I watched the NYC marathon and went running.  I had interviews and worked as an electrician.  I went to Blockhead's. My brother visited NY and we went to the NY Natural History Museum.  Justin, my roommates, and I played Uno and Scattegories: It was one of my favorite nights since being in the city. I went to my brother's friend's birthday dinner where they served two entire goats.  I had everyone go to Lucky's, my favorite place for fattening veggie burgers in the city.  I house managed. I flew home for Thanksgiving.  My Mom made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I spent time with friends and family. We went Christmas tree shopping.  I saw Brief Encounter with Sally and Laura. I did show-prep for an off-Broadway show and was terrible at it. I'd be better now that I know what to do, but I don't expect to get rehired. I saw the NYAPer's Sweeney Todd. I went to a cookie exchange and other holiday parties.  I stayed up late talking to an old friend who works night shifts. I started working on producing a show for March. I was disappointed by the piano at FAO Schwartz's.  I made fudge and ate too many buckeyes. I ushered and was taught the importance of Lowrey's in fried chicken. I enjoyed new company. I took the megabus home for Christmas. I caught up with friends. I went bridesmaid dress shopping for my sister's wedding and Schae's wedding. I ordered my dress for Schae's wedding. I went to lunch. I played Apples to Apples. I met Melissa's new puppies! I had a wonderful Christmas and Christmas eve with the family. I sewed with my Grandma. I met a hedgehog. I did things I probably shouldn't have.  I went running with my bff and her fiance as they stopped at my house on the way to Michigan. I took the megabus back home to a snow-covered city.  I made a new friend.  I worked on freelance projects.  I went running in Central Park. I caught up with faraway friends.

There are nine hours left of 2010.  My roommates and I are going out tonight.

Thank you everyone for such a fabulous year.  There were definitely times of emotional turbulence and plenty others of pure joy. Thanks for being my friends through it all.  Of course, not every name was mentioned, but that means nothing.  This is just a short recap. I mean, my church wasn't even mentioned. I do it each year as a reminder to myself that even when I feel like I am spinning my wheels, I am moving something.

I'm not much of a resolution person, but
Life Goal: figure out my purpose.
Daily goal: Love and be Loved.

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