Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leo, why?

I started to type that I'm a pretty big believer in signs, but that's not really true. I'm actually just a sucker for signs and know they're essentially events that we look at in a certain light to reinforce what we already feel. So, which is the bigger sign:

Andrew from [company I applied to] called last night and left a message on my machine to return his call. Immediately after I listened to this voice message a wooden platform-ish thing fell on my head. I bled a lot, had to have the owner of the theater hydrogen peroxide my boo-boo and my hair smelled terribly the whole night. I still have a headache and had to have my roommate help me rinse my hair out.

Andrew, the guy who called, has an extension of 406. This was my number for the majority of my best cross country races in high school.

I returned his call this morning and informed him of the exciting commitment I have added to my life for now-til-March. And, I'm 98% sure I made the exact right choice. I need to focus on my previous commitments and then finding a paying job.

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