Thursday, April 21, 2011

I don't iron

Confession: I love packing last minute.

When I pack too soon, which I often did in college whenever we were nearing a break, I get too excited and by the time I go to leave it doesn't feel like I an adventure. The thrill's sort of faded. But, not this time! I've been sort of counting down, but since I was planning for 2+ weddings at once, it kept the count confusing. I'm leaving for my Uncle's wedding in Florida TOMORROW. I don't leave til night, but it's tomorrow so why get specific?

I'm incredibly excited for the adventure out of town and the warm weather! I'm also incredibly excited to see my fabulous family. My mom's brother is the one getting married. I love both sides of my family equally, but growing up I didn't get to see these aunts and uncles as often so it always feels like an extravaganza. It's usually treated like one too. Both of my parents really lucked out with siblings-in-law [and parents, but that's another post]. It's just going to be fun and I know it. I don't have to worry about their being "family drama" or "party poopers" or... really I'm the most dramatic out of the group. I know, you're not surprised, but I wouldn't hold a candle to the craziness in a lot of families. Well, we're crazy, but we're the good crazy... like college.

Minus my toothbrush and stuff for the plane, I'm packed. This means I'll still do a little *extra last minute* since I don't have to leave my house until 5 tomorrow. But, I had a weird moment while I was packing the main bag. I was rolling up my clothes [they fit best that way] with the exception of my dress, which I neatly patted down on the bottom and I realized despite my patting my clothes were going to be wrinkly when I got to Florida. This never really bothered me before because I don't like to iron. I always iron in the wrinkles and creases so I chose [because you can] to enjoy the wrinkle look [it's in, I promise]. As the suitcase filled up I realized I had extra space. I always wear one pair of shoes, tie my running shoes to the top and usually I still fill the space, but I'm going where it's warm so the clothes are smaller. So, I did added my steamer. Yup, my mom got me a travel steamer, which I asked for, for Christmas and I packed it. I'm not going to be wrinkly; I'm an adult.

Tangential, but speaking of wrinkly... bulldogs. Sally loves bulldogs and wants to get one. I think they're ridiculous looking and could never get one because I couldn't take it seriously. Love them, but not for me. Oh wrinklies <3

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