Friday, April 15, 2011


I forgot to tell you! I also made this recipe for Banana Muffins with Kahlua and Chocolate Chunks from one of my favorite blogs. Except I used splenda instead of sugar to reduce the real sugar content. However I increased it by not measuring the chocolate I put in and just crushing up 3 1/4 Dove Dark Chocolate bars. I'll let you guess what happened to the other 3/4.  I also left out walnuts because I didn't have them, they're expensive, and we didn't really need them.  Oh! And instead of making muffins, I made it in a loaf pan.  So we had banana bread with Kahlua and Chocolate Chunks. Happiness!

ps. We don't have any left.

pps. But you should still come over for our party gathering tomorrow! I want all these fabulous people I know to come over, but I don't invite more people personally because I'm avoiding the awkwardness of being turned down. Jr. High like, riiiight?

ppps. My roommates both think "loaf" is a hilarious word. Is it?

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