Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rip original droid

My phone died. I thought it was from running in the rain, but there was no water damage (yessss!). I had insurance on it, but it still would've cost 70 or 80-something. Instead I just have to wait 2 days and a new phone will be mailed to me. I'd like it to get here before I leave for the wedding in 2 days, but if it doesn't, I'm okay with being a little disconnected. I have a phone with me that I can get texts on and I'm excited for the disconnect from email!

While I'm droidless, I have my old phone, which became my old phone because people can't hear me when I talk to them on it. Since it still rings, it'll let me know if any potential employers call and since it texts I can still find people in the airport. And, by people I mean my brother.

Returning to the old phone is strange for a few reasons:

1. The keyboard. The keys are spaced out a little funny and the comma, space bar, apostrophe, and a few other key punctuation marks are in drastically different spots. My thumbs are confused.

2. Old text messages. The droid only allowed me to hold about 55 text messages at at a time, but that didn't stop me from saving 54. I like other people's words. Most of the saved texts were either really recent at the time, good advice, interesting, or just brought me happiness. I'm going to delete a good portion of them now, but let me share some of the happiness with you. Maybe you'll find yours! I'll try to keep spelling, capitalization, and punctuation accurate. Also, don't be afraid to send a text now because I'm going to post it. I won't <3 Besides, these are ones of honor. They're words that I appreciated at the time and still appreciate now.

"That's what spanish to english dictionaries online are for silly girl. I'm teaching you! You're welcome :-p"

"Boo. Pull a [ ] and make some up! You can put a light anywhere! Strip lights are fun. Unless they are multipars. Those things are awful noone should have to [ ]"
[ ] name left out to protect the innocent/genius.

"Always have enough to fly around the world on a moments notice. You don't need to do it but it's liberating to know you can"

"Hung over as fuck but ill survive. Do you know how i got home cuz i sure dont remember"

"I understand that. I hate being sad without a reason because then you feel like it's your fault and you don't even know how to fix it"

"haha. i'll pick you up! i know a beautiful little vegan place near the airport!"

"i dont know if [ ] gave you my number but if we are goin to be besties youll need it. thanks already for being such a great friend to [ ]"
[ ] Name left out to protect the innocent

"Just like i remember it: the cheap beer flows in fountains"

"Yeah. I spent Xmas with Jess and Beth. It was the best Xmas Ive ever had. :) How r u?"

"Like like like. Hold hands like. Snowball fight like. Make you hot cocoa with big marshmallows afterwards like"

"I suggest a tattoo on the left forearm, in wingdings. Keep me in the loop as to when you make it out here!"

"Then it's up to you to make trouble"

"Breathe. Relax. This is not anything to worry about. Breathe."

"So if i was in times square how close would that be to you?"

"I hope so too, this much stress makes me need a mr Rogers song telling me it'll be ok"

"This is the day that the lord has made! Let us rejoyce, and haul our butts into church"

"Oh and my neighbor will have this daughter that will show my son how fun it is to dance in the rain. =)"

"Yeah made me remember how great you were and i think i understand my feelings more now"

"Yes and i dont know even if im an asshole alot of times you are wonderful and im sorry for everything"

"Hah. I'll try my best. I just miss my freshman year with you guys :(..."

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