Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holiday from Real

In my last entry I mentioned my official arrival in Ohio was scheduled for May 15th. For those of you keeping up with facebook statuses, my finals are/were this week. Due to an overwhelming amount of people wondering where I would be for the rest of that time (also known as a suggestion by my sister... no one was actually wondering), the following is a timeline of my adventures to come...

16 a.m. Roommate left for St. Louis, feels like she is just out visiting a friend
16 p.m. Finish writing last paper of
17 High Tea/Play Reading/Goodbyes/Packing
18 Fly to Athens and meet up with my brother
21 Andrey (Justin's undergrad roommate) and his gf, Marta meet up with us
22 The four of us drive to the Temple of Delphi and then continue driving
23 We arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria
26 I fly to Prague, Czech Republic (Country #3 where I don't speak the language)
27 I am staying a day in Prague to get train and bus tickets sorted. I will hopefully meet up with my friend Sarah from the program during this day.
28 I travel to Kostelecke Horky for the first day of my work camp

13 I return to Prague and catch a flight to London
14 I stay in London, pick up my luggage and hopefully see a show with a different Sarah from the program who is staying in London
15 I fly out of London Gatwick and into Cleveland, OH with a layover in Cincinnati, OH
17 I fly out to New York
18 My interview with the program I am studying with
19-20 Interview(s)
21 Fly into Cleveland, Ohio

After May 21st I am unsure as to what my summer holds. Feel free to send me encouraging emails or fb message because I will love to read them when I have internet access. When that is, I make no guarantees.

I am really sad to leave London. I am quite attached to it and do have hopes to come back. I realize it is really difficult, but difficult does not mean impossible. One can never be certain of all that the future will hold...
A year ago if you had asked me what I would be doing after my semester in London I would have told you, "going home and hopefully getting employed," and yes, that's true, but there is so much more. I am beyond excited. I am so blessed for these upcoming opportunities! Sure, the language barriers make me a little nervous, but an excited sort of nervous. It's especially great to get the chance to spend time with my brother. The fact that it is in Athens is just mind-boggling. I don't think it will hit me until I'm there... if at all.

Well, before I can even get there, I must first finish this paper. 2500 words and a lot of brainstorming to go...


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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh! You are on your way/ already met Justin!! Sooo exciting. I can't wait to see all the pictures. Thanks for posting this! Now I can think acurate happy thoughts for you depending on where you are on your journey! I have a short break the week and a half before memorial day (I think it is) before summer starts... It seems like you might be in nyc for this though- or maybe there will be one weeked we'd both be able to be home? I'll have to check in with Mom. PS St Louis isn't toooo far from Chicago. Maybe sometime (as long as I am still living here in Chicago) you can meet up with your roommate here. I really liked her : ) Where are you staying in NYC? Will you kinow anyone else interviewing at that time? Good luck! Happy travels! Lots of love and hugs xoxo anna jo