Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coming Up Soon: New York

A few days ago I posted on fb that I was officialy accepted into the GLCA NY Arts semester for Fall 2009, but didn't really specify what that meant. The link is to their site.

GLCA= Great Lakes College Association.
It is a group of smaller colleges that coordinate domestic and abroad programs. It is to create large opportunities for small schools. Their program in New York organizes full-time internships for students in the arts: dance, theatre, visual and musical. They have program housing in Chelsea* which houses all (or at least all that desire to live there and fit) of the arts students.

When I first applied to Ohio Wesleyan and Hope this program was one of the main reasons I was drawn to them. I had always hoped to spend a semester in London and one in New York, but it didn't truly hit me until I received my official email that yes, this was really going to happen. I am truly blessed and have a great group of supportive friends, family, professors and co-workers and that have helped me in a zillion ways to make this possible.
As you can imagine, it was a bit chaotic applying for this program while already off-campus, but my professors writing letters of recommendations sent them right in and my professor who coordinates the program at my school sent in all my information right away. Plus my good friend Rachel took care of a bunch of things and turned in forms for me. Plus my parents and siblings calming my worries, haha. It couldn't have been made much easier! Thanks!!

The next step is the interview. Now that I am in the program I need to find someone to intern for. Based on your CV/resume and letter of intent that you send in with your application the program sets you up with internships they think will fit the skills you possess and the ones you intend to develop. I am currently in the process of discussing with the program coordinator where I might interview. I return to states around the 13th of May and will go to New York to interview the following week. The program then starts at the beginning of September and finishes in mid-December like a typical college semester. This program will count for my Theatre 495 which is needed for my theatre major.

Many people have suggested I do this internship in the Spring so as not to lose my contacts from networking. However, there are a couple of classes which I need to complete for my degree which cannot be taken in the fall. As a result I will spend the next semester in NY and then return to Hope (after being gone just over a year) to finish my BA in theatre. After that... well, we'll have to see...

If you would like to visit me in New York, I would love that. New York is much closer than London... <3

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