Thursday, April 16, 2009

The plus sign and other new experiences

On the way from Athens to Sofia, my brother and I are staying in a hotel in what I believe to (probably) be Southern Bulgaria. I'm not quite sure because I am just following for this amazing adventure. Well, he was having difficulty getting the hotel on the telephone and so asked me to call them. Did you know some phone numbers have a + in front of them? Insanity. I found out that that actually meant a + sign today. One shows up when you press the 0 down... or at least, on english phones.
So after a bit of trial and error and some help from Bristol I get the hotel and my pronunciation of my name (Sara) is so bad the guy has to pass me off to someone else. I have a very thick American accent. To my surprise, and my relief he does not collect my credit card information over the phone. He asks what kind of room I want: a double for one night and what my name is. He tells me it'll be 60 and he'll see me on the 22nd.

No credit card number and security code. No cancellation fees?

You'll see me on the 22nd?


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