Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maybe, just maybe... The Pull.

So I wrote the Holy Saturday post below and then moved location. As I was sitting in the 6th floor lounge Bristol came back from a night with her good friend, Stevie.
She had been sitting at a bus stop near Sloane Square, waiting for a bus (her feet hurt) to take her back to the dorm when she saw a nice-looking mid-age man locking up the church across from the bus station. He locked up the gates, getting ready to go home to get a good rest before the celebration for tomorrow. He walked past her and gave her a slight nod. Then he walked back and saying, "you probably don't want these, but-" offered her an Easter candle and a program for the next day's service. Despite not being religious, she said thank you and took the two. She had felt a pull, the pull we had talked about just a night or few ago. It is the connection of human beings... and Something Greater (or at least, in my belief). Then he got into his car and as he began to drive away, stopped and rolled down his window. He said, here, here's something you'll really appreciate and offered her a Cadbury Egg.

Oh Holy Saturday, perhaps that is what you are about. Connection amongst people... because so often, we are suspended in doubt and that is all that we seem to have... even though that is where you are the most present.

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Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps... it's so cool to be a part of those moments that remind us there's more...

At my internship we couldn't have the group i was going to lead (my supervisor was out) because of Passover Services so I went and 'helped' with some of the residents (getting them down there, turning pages as necessary, redirecting, etc.) ... some of them seemed to not be "there"... but then there would be singing from other residents and the rabbi and these hebrew words would just erupt from them... it was amazing... and this one woman next to me kept smiling at me and wow, did I "feel" her singing [even if others might have used other words to describe it ; ) ]