Friday, December 11, 2009

Emotional Investments

At one point I thought Love was a great thing to invest in because the ROIs were so great, but lately I have been wondering about the risks.
What are the possible repercussions of taking or not taking the risk? Are they worth it?

I was talking with a close friend today about the idea of spending quality time with someone who you knew there would probably be no future with. Do we do it because we are actually emotionally capable of not over-investing or because we are hopeless romantics that are just waiting for the right time? Or, is it- perhaps- because we (particularly immediately) after being hurt want a connection, but are only inclined to reach for a connection if it will not hurt when it goes away? We have adapted the cynical point of view that long term happiness is impossible and thus we should only invest in the now what are willing to pay for in the future.

Of course, the hopeless romantic in me says the reality of now is different from the reality of the future. And Love is just another High Risk, which you take the chance of hurt for when you want a chance at the best ROI of your life. After all, emotions are fairly infinite, so why not?


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