Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I may not move back to New York in May.

I might, but if not, that does not mean I failed or that I didn't follow my heart.
It means that I remembered that all that matters is that I am Alive, Aware and Acting [the action kind, not the on-stage kind]. If I end up not in the theatre at all, that's okay too. At this point I'd like to continue in the theatre. I love it. But, there is no career or city that I "know" I will be happy in. Thus, I will continue to knock on doors and throw stones at windows and when one is opened for me I'll go through it, and if it leads me to Nevada-- well, I might turn around, haha. But honestly, who knows :) Plus, I'm here to experience things and share Love. There is no where in the world where NOTHING happens. Sometimes it may feel that way, but that is only because
A. Your eyes aren't open
B. You're standing still.

I just wanted to clear that up.

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