Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Will Happen Either Way

I have one week left in the City and have hit a plateau. I am terribly unmotivated to do many things and find time just silently passing me by. I am not sure if this is due to the ending [endings always shake me for a bit], the lack of running, the large amount of darkness, or one of the million other possibilities, but it is frustrating. I spend a lot of time thinking about projects for next semester and all that I am not accomplishing in the present, but instead of putting on my running shoes I settle for staring out the window.

Don't misunderstand me. I have still been enjoying moments of life. I went to a show Julie helped costume on Friday and enjoyed it. Tealla and I walked around the City yesterday morning and went shopping. Tonight I am attending my friend, Isaac's Christmas party and tomorrow we are having an "Interns Holiday Party" here. On Tuesday I might be leaving the City for a night and on Wednesday I am seeing Lion King with Julie. I am still ridiculously blessed, but instead of taking advantage of other excitement or engaging in conversations, I take naps. I suppose that is okay, but I know I will miss the City as soon as I leave it and thus I worry I aught to be taking advantage of it now. I guess, instead, I am choosing to 'fade away' rather than 'burn out'.

Of course, as soon as I reread this I remembered that lady on the plane back from London. We CAN have adventures anywhere. Your location only determines your physical proximity to others. Luckily I have a far reaching inner self.

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