Friday, January 29, 2010

If all the raindrops... (weren't silver dollars)

In the movie we were watching there was a man entering a mansion and one of the men standing by the door walked over to the man's car and put the umbrella out. The man would not have to get wet in the rain in the couple feet it took him to get from the car to the front door. The guy I was watching the movie with told me that some day he wants to be rich enough to have that happen to him. I knew I didn't feel the same, but I couldn't totally articulate what I was feeling. Today I was thinking about this moment and it occurred to me, I never need to be rich enough for that, I hope I am always free enough to leave my house to dance in the rain. And I pray I am always rich enough to have warm clothes to put on after my dance or perhaps the warm body of someone I love to cuddle with.

I do not like umbrellas. I like sitting in meetings wet even less so I own one, but I like to acknowledge the rain as the beautiful reality it is. When the rain is warm it is so cleansing I know my soul is real and honest again. I am washed over with the sense that I am real and I am here.

Of course... sometimes umbrellas are wonderful...

ps. People in ponchos make me giggle. I think people in love standing in ponchos are extra awesome.

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