Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inch by inch and moment by lifetime.

When I lived in the Czech Republic we did some work clearing old branches, dead plants, and other miscellaneous formerly green pieces. While we were clearing out pine needles one day I saw some snails. I watched them for quite the while. I continued working and after a few minutes returned to the snails. I thought of this song. You know those snails, they really get it. They are fascinating creatures and I wish I had more time and places in which to watch them. Sometimes I forget about the beauty in every inch.

There is a part of me that feels blue right now. I have met so many amazing people and yet it is the couple of people who I have made efforts to keep in my life, with failed results, that make me oh-so-sad. [added a little later] Although, I guess it's not just them. Life is just confusing sometimes.

I need to go running. My perspective needs renewing. I need to twirl and shake and believe.

Although, I must admit. I did receive some wonderfully warm welcomes this past week. I have wonderful, wonderful friends.

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