Monday, January 11, 2010

When was the Italian Renaissance?

Currently I am trying to balance the following things:

-Prepping for classes... real ones on Hope's campus for the first time in a year
-Reuniting with friends
-Retaining contact with friends that are not in a close physical proximity
-Accepting that things are going to feel different
-Creating a comfortable living space
-Prepping for Much Ado
-Working on the Afghan play and all the things that requires
-Researching Grad Schools
-Attempting to apply for jobs... so far I have lists, but no letters
-Planning Trips
-Trying to not be bothered by the lack of communication from a couple key people who matter
-Beginning to figure out budget stuff for post-graduation
-Developing a running plan
-Trying to convince myself that I am okay not living in New York and London
-Daily Living: Laundry, Grocery Shopping, bills, ect.

When I think of past semesters or potential grad schools it really isn't that much to do, but it's a lot of important things to think about and I think that's where the difficulty to focus comes in.

The truth is, sometimes when I start to think about projects and the future and [...] my stomach sometimes does little flips. They are mostly butterflies of excitement, but there is that bit of nervousness... just because there is so much unknown. It is similar to those times when you take a quiz on the first day of the class just to measure how much you know. You are, for whatever reason, supposed to put an answer down for every question whether you know it or not. Then at the end of the semester you take the same test and you see how much more you've learned. You know that first quiz doesn't matter and you don't have to know everything- seeing as you're supposed to learn some of it- but, at the same time, you want to know, and you feel as though you should know... so you get these li'l flips in your tummy... Yeah, it's like that.

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