Saturday, January 2, 2010

More than stick figures

In my young life, I have never been a big maker of New Year's Resolutions. This year I will have the same goal as I probably have, whether I declare it or not, every year: To Grow.
However, J str[an]skee [I try to make names so they won't show up in google searches if we're not terribly close... it's probably weird] had his new year's resolution posted on facebook and I think he's onto something:

"My new year's resolution... Stop the nonsense, get back to my art"

Yeah, I think he's onto something. My priority is still to grow, but due to the unlikeliness of height increase at my age, my growth must come from other things... I will strive to make one of these things my art. Now, if the growth comes from other things, this year will not be a failure, but if you don't put at least a small benchmark up there, there's nothing to measure by. That, my friends, is [in the PR context] failure.

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