Monday, November 15, 2010

0-point Week

The options for titles for this post are numerous, but the moral of the story is I need a 0-point week this week. I cannot remember the last time I ate this much food in one weekend. Even when I was in Texas in March I didn't eat this much. And now, at 1am [and 2:30am when I finished typing] I feel full. The chocolate chips I just had probably helped it. Although, let's rewind to get a full week in review.

Monday: work and interview [for a job I decided during the interview I didn't want]
The working was great! It was my first time getting to actually hang instruments in a New York theater that required more than a house ladder. In fact, they required an incredibly rickety old 'cherry picker'. I have never been in one quite this... unstable? It also required you to hand pump it up at about 1-2" a pump so we left it at full height and climbed the ladder [attached] up to it. That said, it was one of the first times that when someone else went to go do it, and got nervous, they told that person not to worry about it because I'd go up. It was reverse freshman year and fabulous. That said, I think I missed out on a lot of learning by having people eager to take over things during college. That was then and this is now though so I'll digress.
I love organizing and paperwork, but I had REALLY missed lights.

Tuesday: interview and additional work
There was actually an additional call which I was able to attend a portion of. Yay! I had an interview in the morning and in the afternoon so I just worked between them. I know I didn't get the job that the first interview was for and I was pretty disappointed about it. It was a solid few days of work and for a project I thought sounded really cool. That said, there are plenty of qualified people out there and when it comes down to it, I'm kind of mediocre. I'm great in that I'm focused, friendly, and get things done, but I'm not the speediest, strongest, or most knowledgeable and I understand that. Things take time.

Wednesday: networking
I went to an open house for a theatre company with a school. Meh. I don't know if I'm really at a place where I want to network in a networking setting. To do so well you really have to know what you want and what you offer. I know those things, but I'm not sure which things to showcase in such a setting. And, there were a variety of people there for different reasons and it just wasn't for me.
Afterward I had some thai at Tara's Thai [I'm trying to do better remembering the names of places where I eat] with a friend and I must admit, I get so excited to see new friend(s)' living arrangements! This friend lives near St. Mark's and it was so exciting to see. I wish it wouldn't be weird to take pictures so I could sort of compare and contrast and show you... There are so many worlds in each of the five boroughs that it almost amazes me that there are even more worlds within those worlds... neighborhoods and homes and rooms...

Thursday: being mopey, followed by margaritas
Thursday averaged out to being an okay day, but it was another one of those Ahhhhh! sort of days. I'm truly working on my professional patience, but budget sheets can make that hard to do. This was the day that I found out I didn't get the one Tuesday job and I had really begun to be enthusiastic about it. I also was working on a cover letter for a job I thought I really wanted and my computer froze... multiple times... while trying to save. It was discouraging. Luckily, my fabulous friend Sally and I got together and went to the Blockhead's on the UES and my day was saved. We sat at a 6 person table with couples on either sides. One was on a fabulously awkward first date. I ate too many chips and got a slight brain freeze, but just being around a friend's good energy made the cover letter issue become a little less important... you know, in the scheme of things.

Friday: Yay!
I finished the cover letter that I'd written [3+xs] the day before. I ended up hand-writing it the last time the day before and then just typed it Friday. I love paper. I actually need new notebooks... small and legal size.

My brother arrived around lunch time. We had lunch and then journeyed off to the American Museum of Natural History. All this time and I'd never made it to the New York Natural History museum. I've been to London's and D.C.'s [just 2 weeks ago] and now New York's. I've spent between 2-5 hours in each of them so not enough to see everything in any of the museums, but I think I prefer London's. Both the displays and the cards were the most interesting. It was incredibly interactive and directed at various learning types. I think New York's had a lot of potential, but some sections could use revamping and the lack of context made it difficult for someone with my learning styles to remember much. That said, I enjoyed my time and still learned things!

We returned to Spanish Harlem and I made, what I thought, was a delicious version of this Cajun Pork and Pasta recipe.
Of course, I had a little extra meat, used different pasta, added a fair amount of extra Cajun [when you love it, you love it], was lacking zucchini, didn't have red beans, didn't have a can of diced tomatoes so diced one of my roommates' and hoped for the best- knowing it was more, and wasn't sure what exaaaactly hot pepper sauce was so added some chili garlic thing my roommate had and just added more Cajun. I drank a full glass of milk after dinner just to calm down the Cajun lining my mouth, but I'd totally make it again.

Following dinner Cameron, Lindsay, Justin, and I played Uno [everyone won at least once except me] followed by Scattergories, during which I redeemed myself. Laughter, alcohol, games, friends... my favorite kind of night. I could be completely wrong, but it seemed like everyone else was fairly content with the evening's going ons as well.

My brother, Justin and I slept in a bit and then met an Undergrad friend of his and her husband for lunch. I thought we were having lunch right away so didn't bother with breakfast. It was a mistake as we wandered around Chelsea Market and then the High Line. I also hadn't brought my work things with me so I needed to leave by 2:15 in order to get back in time. I was a little stressed as a result and didn't enjoy the High Line as much as I usually might. It's still pretty wonderful and I recommend a stroll along it to anyone.

We ended up eating lunch at a place just off of the current ending to the high line, around 19th-ish? I can't remember the name of the place off the top of my head, but I will say that I order a hamburg that came with pineapple on top... not a bad idea. Juicy. I would've preferred it sliced thinner so it would've been easier to eat, but it was still quite enjoyable. More and more I'm understanding so many people's desire to make the perfect hamburger. There are so many options it's understandable why there are so many restaurants that focus specifically on hamburgers. It's not even just a question of what to put on it, but what to put in it. Mmmmm...

Then, I went to work. Yay! I love being an electrician. I only was able to put four hours in, but that was enough for my weak little arms. While I could have and would have kept working and my weakness never [very rarely?] gets in the way of accomplishing anything, holding 50' cables and fixtures about your head for four hours will get you... especially if you're on a wobbly ladder so all of your muscles are tensed up anyways. That said, I really liked the people in the place that I worked and would like to return. I have a feeling that don't do a lot of overhiring, but it was a good Saturday afternoon.

Following work I re-met up with my brother at a little place called Resto on East 29th. His whole reasoning for coming into town was for a friend's birthday. Said friend lives in Norway and was celebrating his 40th birthday party. Gasp, I know, but he looked 28 so we all look passed it. Someone said it was the ideal black/asian mix. I don't know if that was his total background, but I have heard such mixes don't age. Sadly I can't contribute to that mix for any future generations. Anyways...
There were about 20+ of us and we did what they called a "Large Format Feast". Essentially you eat a whole animal. Darryl wanted goat and goats are lean so we, as a group, consumed two entire goats. In case you have a weak stomach, I'll spare you all of the details, but for those of you who are curious: yes, there were eyes and tongue and the heads were presented, but no there were no testicles. There was a tiny bit of vegetables: broccoli and brussel sprouts included here and there, but for the most part it was just a lot of meat... and some delicious beer. Prior to dinner I drank a delicious Belgium bottled beer called 'La Botteresse'. Mmmmm. Dinner was followed by one of the best chocolate cakes I've tasted in America and I had enough to celebrate Darryl's birthday, my birthday [dinner was a bday present from my brother], and my Dad's birthday [which is today 11/14]. Happy Birthday everyone! We then moved locations and had more good conversation and I mostly just wanted to lay down. I had had some fuller beers and a lot of goat and cake. By the time we arrived home and approached 4am, I was quite ready for bed.

Oh! And, while I was out I, thanks to my handy dandy phone, I looked up the regional results and was absolutely THRILLED to discover that the Hope Girls' Cross Country team had advanced to Nationals as a team and Nate Love [25:20 in an 8k] had advanced as an individual. I believe, to advance as an individual you have to be in the top 7 of runners not on a team to advance... brutal. I'm not sure what you know about times, but all 7 of my women ran sub23 6ks. I hate to admit it, but I don't know if I ever even saw that as a realistic dream-goal for myself. I believe sub24 was the dreamer number for me.

Justin asked me for a recommendation for lunch.. we were to meet up with his friend Eric, whose house I've actually been to! Although, to be honest, I rarely remember if I'm remembering people correctly, so I had to check and make sure he lived in Houston when I'd re-met him the evening before. I try, I really do make an effort to remember people. *sigh*

So, despite my stomach's desires, instinct was to suggest Lucky's... my favorite veggie burger place in Manhattan. I hear their regular burgers are also absolutely delicious. I thought it was just to be the three of us, but there ended up being 10. If I'd known I would've warned everyone that the ambiance is... bright. Very red. Very yellow. Afterward we conversed a bit more and I spent most of the time making faces at Claire, the baby. I said goodbye to my brother and the Texans and went home to reunite with my roommate who had beautifully cleaned the apartment. I appreciated it and then took a nap.

Long story short: Life's pretty fabulous and I should probably try to consume more salads this week.

I listen to this song more than anyone should:

Every time they say "baby girl" I think of my friend Joe. MGMT... Joe... who else makes me internally laugh when they say it?

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