Monday, November 15, 2010

My shoes match my watch

Remember when I said I was an emotional marathon watcher? I'm even an emotional marathon reader-abouter. Spencer's just a regular guy, but I understand the silence. The marathon is inevitably something in my future, just not yet.

The blog that the bit about Spencer is written on, is a blog I learned about through my friend, Heather. There are a zillion and one mother blogs out there, but these are the two I read and find interesting outside of a child-raising sense... which gets a little old when you don't actually have kids. Heather has a great way of focusing not only on being a mother, but of experiencing and loving extended family and the experiences of life. "The Mother Runner" helps me remember I can go running. I don't, but I know I can. If I had a routine I'd rename my blog, not the living bean, but Running in the Grown Up's World. It's different here.

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