Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner Table

Cindy McCain Slams DADT - The Daily Beast

My friend, Anne had shared the above on link her facebook and I posted the following response. I then removed it as I didn't know if I felt secure enough in my wording to have it be presented on her facebook. So, here it is for you, an audience that I know a little more about.

It's not often that I defend anyone who leads a GOP filibuster against removing DADT, but I wouldn't be too worried about their dinner table. Sen. McCain has said he'd support it once the top military [later adding the bit about- within a ...well-conducted study] said it was a good idea. Of course, I know he still has expressed additional concerns that now might not be the right time to remove the ban, but hopefully he'll stick to what he had repeated so many other times. I, unlike him, think the ideal time to repeal the ban would've been the day after it passed, but no one asked me :)

In his hesitation to be pro-ban-removal I have to try and remember that there's a difference between what you 'feel is right' and what policies you support that have a lasting effect on your career [Oooh politics] and the millions of people who have protected, and will continue to protect, your country in the future. And, his fumbling in answering questions makes me wonder how much he just got picked to be the face of this because he has always been looked upon as a guy who knows his military, not because he felt that passionately about it.

But, I don't know, I've never met the guy and I can't tell the future.

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