Monday, November 22, 2010

Worth Sharing

Things worth sharing:

1. My friend Jeri sent me the link to this, Digital Theatre. Amazing. Over There is my FAVORITE show that I haven't been a part of!
There's a bit of me that's hesitant, as theatre acting is for the stage, not film and the staging feels differently when you don't get to see the whole stage, but if the directors don't mind... London is so far away, I appreciate them bringing it closer. And, from what I was told once by a man who lived in Northern England, they typically broadcast certain plays on British tv.

2. Lisa, who was in my program last fall, recently posted this on facebook... a whole new, fabulous way to look at Van Gogh.

3. My friend, Greg just posted these stairs on his facebook. For as long as I can remember having a library (floor to ceiling bookcases) filled with books I've read has been on my list of life goals. Book stairs has just replaced it.


5. Holidays

6. Chocolate Chip cookies
I almost applied here, but was reminded by my roommate that maybe I didn't want to be delivering cookies in the snow at 2am to drunk, overwhelmed, and/or recently broken-up women**.

**Not to say that those are the only people who'd buy the cookies, but we know that's when we'd be most likely to order them.

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