Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Part 2: Flower Bed in NYC

Sunday morning I boarded another 10:00 am Megabus and journeyed back to my City. I didn't nap as much on this leg of the journey as the two girls in the seats across from mine talked about relatively nothing for majority of the trip. Karma... I know. Why did no one mention this to me at the time?

I limped my way back to my apartment [heels and pinky toes don't get on well with new shoes] and saw a fair number of kids trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. They mostly go to the businesses. It's incredibly interesting to me all the different ways there are to trick-or-treat. When I was younger I thought it was only a door-to-door thing. When I was much younger my parents might have taken me to something else, but I don't remember trunk-or-treats or businesses. I got back to 345, showered, and got ready for Halloween.

My roommate, Lindsay [pictured above as the Little Mermaid] and I went down to the East Village Halloween Parade, which is one of the few Halloween Parades that draws way more college aged+ viewers than children. I had haphazardly put together my 'flower bed' costume and it was rarely visible as it, as many Halloweens previous, was too cold.

Before the parade ended I made my way to '305' [throwback to last Fall] to meet up with a few friends for dinner, followed by karaoke.

It's so much fun being friends with musically inclined people! There was also a bowl of candy at a table near the door, probably left over from earlier trick-or-treaters, which we adopted :) It was a fabulous night and I returned home happy.

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