Wednesday, August 27, 2008

plenty of sunshine

The alphabet game.
Describe yourself, exaggerate characteristics... especially flaws...
Someone will love you anyways.
And someone wouldn't love you even if you were ..... more idealistic.

currently inspired by Sark

My name is Sara and my biggest fear is dying alone. I suppose it's not terribly uncommon, but some other characteristics are. As a result I've been called a strange bird more than once in my life. I wish I was more creative and less desperate for attention. I get excited about the littlest and silliest of things. And to me, being free is synonymous to being happy. Sometimes I'm GIGANTIC and my self can fill a whole room. Other times I feel so tiny and need a lot more help to be alive.
Have patience with me at restaurants, I am indecisive. I used to never get jealous, but now-a-days I'm a bit jaded. However, I do try and be kind; after all, I love to love and be loved. I'm mad. I'm a bit nostalgic about times that probably didn't exist. My drummer is off-beat, and only productive at night. I'm a quirky runner and ridiculously silly. And while I'm stubborn, I'm succulent and thus I fit in with most theatre people. Like everyone else, I have my ugly days and find myself living extremely vicariously on these days. I don't like to be wrong. X-rated. I fell in love with yoga this summer. My dad and I used to sing ZippityDooDah together while waiting for the bus. It helps me have that kind of day.

I hope you have that kind of day too :)

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