Saturday, October 11, 2008

My body is a bottle holding in fireflies.

Thursday a guest speaker came into my management perspectives and theory class. He talked about emotional intelligence, which I have addressed in a few classes before. After listening to some music he said that if music can make us feel a particular emotion, than of course words should be able to do it, suggesting that words should be easier. I differ from this opinion. On a day-to-day basis, I believe music, and occasionally the link of the words and the music, manipulate the way we feel and approach the world much more than words that people say. Exceptions to this are obviously theatre and those sorts of words, but I find it is more difficult to shut out music.
Some musical artists who have had this effect in the past 2 weeks alone: Ben Lee (currently), Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Kate Nash, Lupe Fiasco, Otis Redding...
And those are just the ones I thought of in the first 10 seconds.

And so maybe it's Ben Lee's fault or maybe it's because talking to my mom, my sister, aaron, that other kid and getting a message from Schae-schae all within a few hours of each other- after yesterday talking with Jessica for the first time in much too long and spending 4 hours last night with Tim-- but I have energy and love to share, but I am lacking an outlet and therefore feel like I should jump off a tall building because for the first time in my life-- I know I could fly.

But yet, I worry that I won't find the peace in New York City that I appreciate the campus for during breaks. And what if there's too much broken glass to safely walk around barefoot?

There's a slight chance I may go camping with my parents tomorrow night. I really hope it happens. I would love such an adventure.

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