Sunday, October 19, 2008

"My weariness amazes me"

This semester is going so quickly. I started to plan when I was going to work on a couple of my projects and then began to panic. I thought the semester was longer than this, haha. Although I have to admit, I already feel like I've been here. Whenever I return I feel like I never left. Other people did and many things changed, but I'm still here, just like I was before. Part of that was never changing rooms, but part of that is just who I am and where my life is right now.

Things have been going really well. Fall break was last Monday/Tuesday. Friday night I tied up some loose ends and just hung around Timmer. I talked to my mom and she asked if I might want to go camping the next night. I thought that sounded wonderful and so she said she'd ask my dad in the morning if he wanted to go and then she began to look for campsites. So the next morning she called me so I could get up and start to work on things. And early that afternoon I drove just south of Portage to a campground in Augusta. My mom, dad and I had dinner and went on a walk and it was wonderful: exactly what I needed. It's not terribly often you are able to sit around with your parents without being rushed here or there or without a list of things to talk about. Needless to say, I wish I could have stayed quite a bit longer the next morning. However I had agreed to work on a lighting project that morning. Then at 1:30 I met up with a bunch of the runners and we went out to Coach's cabin for Sunday and Monday. The trails were beautiful. And Ah! The leaves! I just love autumn...

I'd like to continue writing and give you full ,descriptive stories on how leaves in Holland remind me of Schaedig, Andi and/or maybe Jackie and I throwing leaves up in the air and running through them and jumping in them at the cemetery-- Or the story of how you know something is important when you go back to check on it... even when you don't have to anymore, like high school cross country [they matter to me a lot]. Or the story of how people refer to shows they've created as children and how I'm permanently attached to Rose and the Rime. And you know, someday I might like to coach, but I hope Ellis would live nearby so when I don't remember the name of the muscles she can help me out. Or I could tell you of how Aaron says I'm permanently high. And if I wrote more I could write about how I don't need a boyfriend to send me flowers, because my parents are the best and how... how, I'm terribly tired and I just did a minute by minute analysis of the next two days and realized that I really can't fit everything in. So it's time to go. But I love you and I thank you for your support.

Come visit me in London next Spring!!
[trying not to get too excited too soon cause it's a good 80ish days off and a little scary too<3]

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