Monday, November 10, 2008

More and Less

There's a counting crows song that asks "what would you change if you could"? And I've always heard it as, what would you change in your past if you could go back, but today I am hearing it in reference to my current state (of being and of living situation). And the answer...
  • More sleep, less smoke
  • More peace, less noise
  • More time, less to-do

I went home this weekend.
I'm ready to go back.
Although, while I was on the road or stuck at Eastern, I just wanted to be back here so I could have things in order. Perhaps I just want things in order, and then to pause and go enjoy some serenity.
Serenity, that's hard to come by...

Either way, it was a great adventure this weekend. Between seeing MSU, spending some time in Ann Arbor (for the first time ever), visiting with Jess, Beth and their mom, being home with my parents, getting abroad stuff somewhat in order, stopping by Eastern, spending time with Jackie and Kyle, and- well, the Lincoln Street Garage (222 Lincoln St., Ypsilanti, MI-- I recommend them) it was an interesting trip indeed...

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